Urban Pizza Pizza Vending Machines - Fresh Pizza in 3 Minutes!

Pizza vending machines make authentic Italian pizza according to your preferences in just 3 minutes, not a second longer! Our innovative pizza vending machine kneads fresh dough from Italian flour and adds tomato sauce with each order, enriched with full-fat cheese, premium quality ham, homemade spicy salami or smoked roast depending on the flavor you choose.

Choose one of 4 types of pizza, click the button, and enjoy!

Urban Pizza Pizza Vending Machine - "Press the button" for the Finest Italian Pizza

Pizza vending machines operate using innovative technology, the first of its kind in the domestic market. The pizza comes out of the machine hot, freshly made, and – delicious. The pizza vending machine operates 24/7, 365 days a year, so at any time, after just 3 minutes of waiting, you can enjoy your favorite pizza. Available options include Margarita, Vesuvio, Wurst, Tirolese, Spicy salami, and Smoked roast, in a size of 27 cm.

Which one will you try first?

How Do Pizza Vending Machines Work? 6 Steps, in Just 3 Minutes!

Our pizza vending machines are easy to use. Press the button, and the pizza vending machine starts working. In just 6 steps and only 3 minutes later – the pizza is ready!

Step 1

Margarita, Vesuvio, Spicy salami, Smoked Roast are available options. Insert money and press the button to select your pizza!

Step 2

Next, the pizza vending machine takes over all the steps. The machine kneads the dough mixing fine Italian flour and water. The recipe is a secret!

Step 3

The dough is ready! Now the pizza vending machine spreads fresh tomato sauce over the dough. We told you – real Italian pizza!

Step 4

For each pizza on offer, we use fresh, local ingredients of your choice. In the 4th step, the pizza vending machine distributes the toppings on the base.

Step 5

The pizza vending machine now moves the pizza into the high-temperature baking oven. In 1 minute – the pizza is ready!

Step 6

Finally, the machine serves the freshly baked pizza to the customer. And it’s in biodegradable packaging, which is easy to carry, so you can enjoy the pizza whether you eat it by hand or with the cutlery we provided for you, just by pressing the button!

Pizza Vending Machine Offers 4 Types of Pizza - What's Your Favorite?


Did you know that the first Margarita was made for Queen Margherita back in 1889? Now, you’re only 3 minutes away from the royal Margarita!


Is there anyone who doesn’t love Vesuvio? Fresh tomato sauce, full-fat cheese, and delicious premium ham go perfectly together.

Spicy salami

Pizza with spicy salami is perfect for anyone who enjoys more intense flavors. The fantastic taste of this pizza owes to its main ingredient – quality domestic spicy salami!

Smoked Roast

Smoked roast and cheese – who could resist this flavor combination? Choose Smoked Roast pizza and enjoy the wonderful aroma and even better taste of domestic smoked roast.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pizza Vending Machines


Apart from the short preparation time, this is one of the biggest advantages of pizza vending machines. Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner, just press and - there's pizza! Urban Pizza doesn't have a day off, doesn't celebrate holidays, and doesn't take vacations. Our pizza vending machine works all the time!

The Pizza Vending Machine is currently located at one location in Belgrade:
  • Ada Mall Shopping Center, Radnicka Street 9, 3rd floor.
We want to make the pizza vending machine more accessible to as many people as possible and will work to ensure that everyone can find the Pizza Vending Machine nearby.

Always fresh, domestic, and high-quality.

With the first purchase of pizza from the vending machine, the taste will convince you of the high quality of the ingredients. Our machines come from Italy, as does the recipe for the original pizza.

While the machine prepares the pizza, users can see the entire preparation process.

Enjoy the culinary mastery of Urban Pizza vending machines and make sure the freshness of the pizza you've chosen.

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