Franchise for Pizza Vending Machine - Want Urban Pizza in Your City?

Urban Pizza brings something completely new, pushing the boundaries in the market, all across Serbia.

With modern, innovative vending machine technology – your customers will get freshly baked pizza, made to order from original Italian flour, tomato sauce, and domestic ingredients, all in just 3 minutes! No more compromises on taste, quality, and freshness!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so the Urban Pizza vending machine allows users to observe the preparation of their wanted pizza, so they can see and enjoy every moment of making this delicious Italian specialty.

What Does the Urban Pizza Franchise Include?

Our franchise business package includes:

In one word, it’s a “turnkey” solution! All you have to do is purchase and restock the vending machine, find the location – WE DO EVERYTHING ELSE FOR YOU!

Initial Investments for Starting a Business​

Od 30. 000€
Marketing services

Why is Starting Your Own Business with Urban Pizza Franchise a Great Idea?


Our machine does everything on its own, with the possibility of monitoring sales and machine operation through a real-time application, without the need for additional workforce! Ingredients are pre-packaged according to regulations. Once filled and activated, the machine does not require any other intervention! With one refill of ingredients, you have a sales capacity of 100 pizzas, yes, you heard it right!


Urban Pizza from the vending machine is available 24/7, 365 days a year. All you need is a electrical power conection. Great for customers and profitable for franchisees!


Urban Pizza is ready to consume in 3 minutes, not a second longer! Made from the freshest domestic ingredients and packed in biodegradable cardboard takeaway boxes, Urban Pizza quickly becomes every customer’s favorite.


Franchisees can be sure that if there is a need for new parts, the manufacturer will take responsibility for repair or replacement without additional cost.

Technical Specifications of the Urban Pizza Vending Machine


1980x2000x1280 mm


750 kg

Electrical Voltage Requirements
230V (single phase) 380/415V (three phase)
Machine Power

7 kW

Pizza Preparation Time
3 minutes
Sales Capacity per Refill
100 pizzas
Max. Machine Refill Capacity
200 pizzas (4×50 pizzas), 10kg of flour, 5kg of tomato sauce, 5l of water, 100 boxes, 40 cutlery boxes
Certifications and Documentation
CE, HACCP, CB report
Compliance with Safety Standards
  • Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/E
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2004/108/EC)

Investment in Franchise vs Investment in Opening a Store

Not sure what is more profitable – opening a pizzeria or buying a pizza vending machine and becoming part of a franchise? A franchise is a much better investment! There is no investment in space, labor force, as well as overhead costs which represent the largest expenses for almost every business! If you decide to open a store, these are just some of the costs you need to consider.
  • Store area: 50-60 m2
  • Store operating hours: 24h
  • Number of employees: 8
  • Store equipment: €20,000-€30,000
  • Equipment: €25,000 – €40,000
  • Inventory: €15,000 – €25,000
  • Monthly labor costs: €10,400
  • Regular monthly expenses: €2,500 – €3,500

On the other hand, if you are unsure whether investing in a franchise is a good step, take a look at the calculation below and calculate how long it will take to expect the wanted profit with the complete return on investment.

Return on investment

Investment (per product) Expence in EUR
Topping (ingridiennts for the pizza) 1,95
Consumption of electricity per pizza 0,08
Packaging 0,17
Purchase price per pizza 2,2
Selling price per pizza 4,25
Earnings per pizza 2,05
Average number of pizzas sold per day 100
Average earnings per day 205
Return on investment in machine (30.000 EUR) for 147 days.

Types of pizzas we offer

Production offer at this moment are 6 different pizzas:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Franchise

If you're considering getting a franchise for a Pizza Vending Machine, you've asked an exellent question.

We recommend high-traffic streets, pedestrian zones, as well as places such as shopping centers, universities, bus, train, and gas stations, companies with a large number of employees, public institutions, hospitals, stadiums, and airports.

In case you make a mistake in choosing the location or a better location arises, transferring the Pizza Vending Machine is very simple.

Did you know that pizza is the most sought-after product in the world when it comes to food?

Breakfast-pizza; Lunch-pizza; Dinner-pizza, pizza anytime. That's the first, obvious reason. Especially high-quality, hot, and fast pizza, just like the ones from the Pizza Vending Machine.

By purchasing the machine, you save on furnishing the premises, paying all the fees associated with opening a location, finding and paying for labor, inventory tracking, and writing off goods.

With us, you only have one obligation of 20 minutes daily, to refill the Pizza vending machine.

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